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Welcome to the World's Worst Tourist

Welcome to my web page! I hope you will spend some time here and enjoy (or at least find interesting) some of what you read and see in these pages.

My profession takes me all over the world. I love to experience and learn of cultures, present and past and I am blessed with many dear friends in wonderful and exotic places who enhance this process. Here you can read about them and their places and cultures. Writing enhances and even changes my experience of travel as well as life, itself, and ultimately my most reliable decision making process is to choose only after asking, “Which choice would be most interesting to read about?”.

A passion for art since childhood shaped my right-brained approach to science and life. As a physicist my work involves the science of light, images, and holography, some of which are represented in these pages. Included are chapters that describe encounters, experiences and critiques of artists, scientists, and their creations. Eventually, this will get me into trouble, especially the critiques.

To see a more indepth look at my work in science and art, please see my resume. Click here for James D. Trolinger's Resume

I spend a lot of time painting in the studio and while visiting distant places. Want to own one of my paintings? It's easy! Just make a donation to breast cancer research, and I will send you a painting of your choosing. Please visit the Art section of the website to see what is new!

James D. Trolinger, 
B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Holoknight, WWT
The World’s Worst Tourist

Recent Entries

August 2017

New Holoknight and Honorary Holoknight Named

Find out more about Dr. Guohai Situ and Dr. Eugene Arthurs

August 2017

Holoknights Capture 3 Major Awards at SPIE Optics + Photonics

Holoknights Awarded at San Diego Conference

April 2017

Magnificent 7 Return

Alabama Hills

Paintout in the high desert

July 2017

Seran Dipity, a New? Art Form

Exploring a new painting technique..

June 2017

Painting Admist the Highland Midges

Painting in England and Scotland.

October 2016

Channeling Spirits of the Valley

The Magnificent Six visit Monument Valley.

December 2016

A Christmas Memory

The WWT shares a poignant memory from his childhood.

August 2016

Make Holography Great

The WWT shares his Chandra S. Vikram Lecture

May 2016

Painting in Europe 2016

The WWT shares his paintings from his summer in Europe.

July 2016

Dr. Peter de Groot

Meet the latest Holoknight

March 2016

Painting a Superbloom

The problem with bucket lists

March 2016

Spectron Awakens

Celebrating friendships and memories from the Spectron days

October 2015

Sir Rich of MA retires

Sir Rich celebrates with fellow holoknights.

June 2015

24 Hours in Munich

Holonknights Ceremony

June 2014 and 2015

New Holoknights

Pietro Di Napoli

Byoungho of Seoul

May 2015

Painting in France with Master Artist Tim Clark

The Muses of Floure - Part 1

Bee Swarms and Bridges - Carcassone and Lagrasse - Part 2

Picnics, Picasso, and Patanque - Collioure - Part 3

From the Medieval to the Modern-Uzes, Paris and more Picasso Picasso, and Patanque - Collioure - Part 4

February 2015

A WWT First.....Korea

Lecturing, enjoying Korean food, and experiencing the Universe's gifts. Click here

March 2015

Chasing an Eclipse in the Faroe Islands

My 2015 eclipse journey. Click here